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VeCon Oven Service Machines

The coke oven service machines on the coal side are one of the critical factors, which are influencing the stability of the coke production. A firm and stiff stamping box is pre-condition of reliable stamping processes. A smooth charging is closely related to the cake breakage rate. A precisely engineered charging system together with a reliable stamping machine is the key for lowest standstill times due to incidents. The traveling and charging process are both in step less speed to ensure smooth and stable movements. All individual machine operations are automized and monitored due to latest standards. The automation level will be customized due to client requirements from semi-automatic up to manless operation. We assist our customers to work out their best solution according to given local conditions. Therefore, VeCon offers the following portfolio of coke oven service machines:

Advantages of all VeCon Oven Service Machine Types

  • Lowest CAPEX and OPEX due to individually adapted machine concept
  • Highly experienced team with more than 30 years’ experience in coke plant technology
  • Customized and adapted due to customers demand and local requirements (machine type, level of automation, redundancy, etc.)
  • Lowest standstill times due to coal cake breakages due to stiff and reliable design of stamping box
  • Unique shell design of stamping box, which leads to weight reduction of stamping box. Combined with optimized stamping building structure, lowest possible machine weight can be reached.
  • Special lining of stamping box walls (prevention of coal cake sticking and breaking)
  • Sophisticated charging drive system with smooth movement of charging plate
  • Lowest level of power consumption due to optimized machine weight and energy-efficient drive systems
  • Automatic lubrication system (chain, charging plate, drives, etc.)
  • Emergency diesel generator for power cuts
  • Fully integrated machine and coke oven battery monitoring system
  • Charging plate bridge made from stiff and well-designed construction. Retraction system is gravity actuated, which safes energy and lowers energy consumption.
  • Cable reeling drum of pushing unit are actuated by gravity based system without additional drive systems, which leads to reduction of overall power consumption.
  • Reduction of charging cycle time leads also to reduction of emissions due to lower opening times of the ovens.
  • Reduction of charging cycle time to lowest possible minimum. Charging cycle time is affecting the total cycle time very critically.
  • Planetary gear boxes are applied wherever possible, for example, charging, pushing, travelling and stamping system. This fact leads to direct and indirect reduction of total machine weight.
  • Efficient and proven frame cleaning system to ensure minimization of door emissions during coking process.
  • Efficient and proven door cleaning concept to guarantee decreasing of door emissions during coking process.
  • LED lights are provided for the whole machine instead of usual illuminates.
  • Wherever required, auxiliaries (jacks, attachment points, etc.) are provided to ensure safe and ergonomic work conditions in case of maintenance or repair works.
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VeCon GmbH is specialized in stamping technology development and equipment supply, the core technology of our company is stamping, and stamp charged coke oven machinery as well as environmental protection systems. Our experts have more than 30 years of experience in stamp charged coking industry.


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