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Positioning and Identification System

VeCon as exclusive partner of VEROLINE for the Chinese and Indian market can offer you an automatic positioning and interlocking system that takes the magnetic field principle to realize an accurate and automatic positioning of all coke oven machines in different positions. The travelling speed of the machine is step-less and controlled by inverters. The whole process is fully automatic without any manual operation. The practical positioning accuracy can reach ± 3mm.


  • Interlocking between all machinery
  • Anti-collision of all machines
  • Improved work efficiency, shortening of cycle time
  • Avoiding of wrong machine positioning
VeCon GmbH

VeCon GmbH is specialized in stamping technology development and equipment supply, the core technology of our company is stamping, and stamp charged coke oven machinery as well as environmental protection systems. Our experts have more than 30 years of experience in stamp charged coking industry.


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